Security for Medical Marijuana dispensaries

Security for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There’s no business more in the spotlight right now than medical marijuana dispensaries. With rapidly changing laws and a high demand, medical marijuana dispensaries are cropping up from coast to coast. Unfortunately, some cities are seeing an increase in crime around these businesses. According to The Denver Post, “Nearly one-third of the crimes committed in Denver occur within 1,000… Read the rest

Hiring a Security Guard

Before Hiring a Security Guard

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Security Guard Security is a complicated matter, whether you’re securing a small business or a vast and complex construction site. If you’re building a security plan, you’ve probably found that there are many approaches to securing many different sorts of locations. You’ve probably given consideration to a security guard, as well. After… Read the rest

Security Guard Trailer

On-Site Trailer guard

On-Site Trailer Security Guards You might not be familiar with the term “trailer guard,” or you may be wondering what “trailer security” even entails. Maybe you know a little bit, but want some of the finer details worked out. We can fill you in by answering these two simple questions: What Is a Trailer Guard? Trailer guards are most commonly… Read the rest

Event Security Tips

10 Event Security Tips

Event security is a growing and evolving field. It’s a field that’s always changing, with more options available each day to interested parties. If event security is a concept that you are trying to understand, this post should be helpful to you. Here are 10 Event Security Tips to help inspire, inform, and reinvigorate your event security program. Prepare a… Read the rest

Armed or Unarmed Security Guards

Does your business need an armed security guard?

If you are the owner or manager or a business, then you’re also responsible for the security of that business, and the safety of the people involved in that business.  Any security program involves multiple “moving parts,” including human elements, equipment considerations, location variables, and more. One of the most tried-and-true, time-tested components of a reliable security program is the… Read the rest

Commercial Security Guards

What Makes an Effective Security Guard?

In a modern threat environment, commercial security guards provide peace of mind and safety to businesses, their employees, and their customers. Whether you have a construction site, high-rise, or an apartment complex, security is an investment that can protect your people and property from harm. Even though guarding is regulated at the state and federal levels, the quality of training,… Read the rest

Contract Security Guard Tips

Contract Security Guard Tips

Be successful with Contract Security Guards Using These Seven Tips Hiring a team of security officers on a contract basis can be a great thing for the protection of your job site, but you need to make sure it is done correctly. Mistakes made when picking out or working with your security team could be costly, both in terms of… Read the rest

How Security Guards in Films Stack up Against Real Security Officers

Security guards are tasked with a wide range of functions, covering crime prevention and minimizing potential threats to life and property, to protecting government facilities. They receive specific training to handle these tasks efficiently, and this well-practiced efficiency coupled with the ability to act decisively according to the situation at hand are at the core of their skill set.… Read the rest

Why Hire A Security Guard Infographic

Are you thinking about hiring a security guard for your business? Here are some little known facts that will help you determine if a security guard is right for your business: Want This Infographic On Your Site? Just copy and paste the embed code below: <img src="" alt="Security-guard-infographic" width="1024" height="4284" /><p class="infographic_attr">Embedded from <a href="" target="_blank">Why Hire A Security Guard</a></p>… Read the rest

Misconceptions About Gated Community Security

Homeowners who are investing in property within gated communities may assume that they are getting added security for their homes with their purchase. While there may seem to be an added number of security measures in place when looking at a gated community from the outside in, there are actually a considerable number of misconceptions that exist when it comes… Read the rest