Using Commercial Security Officers to Coordinate Security at Multiple Properties

If you’ve got multiple properties or businesses to secure, you probably know how difficult it can be to coordinate a security program across your many commercial interests. It’s critical to get commercial security right, especially due to the high level of crimes committed at such locations. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that in one four-year span, over half a million violent crimes and nearly a million property crimes occurred at commercial properties.

Most people understand the basics of security and understand what a conventional security guard can bring to the table. But the role of a commercial security officer is often overlooked or misunderstood.

Commercial security officers can play a key role in any security program, but their knowledge and skills are particularly valuable in bringing together a cohesive security strategy across many commercial properties. Whether you’ve got franchised businesses spread across town or a cluster of office buildings in the middle of the city, a commercial security officer can step in and take a lead role in managing your security programs. When you’ve got a commercial security officer on your team, you can concentrate on running your business the way you want.

Corporate Security Officers

Commercial Security Officers: Beyond the Basics

Commercial security officers come with a higher level of training than a standard security guard. Security guards are considered among the highest level of security strategies, and they make a great addition to any security program. Commercial security officers, however, are a cut above the rest.

Commercial security officers will have undergone higher levels of training than their counterparts, including extensive training in threat assessment, threat prevention, first response, and threat mitigation. Security officers will also have overlapping training with security guards, including certifications in CPR, first aid, and emergency response.

The key to commercial security officers, however, is their high level of knowledge in assessing security programs and coordinating those programs across properties. They can work with business owners and managers to help create a complete understanding of how a security program should be working.

Assessing Security and Implementing Strategies

If you need to assess your security program to understand potential threats to your business or property, a commercial security officer can get the job done. Commercial security officers can work with you and your personnel to be sure that you have a complete understanding of the security threats that are potentially damaging for your business, as well as security hazards that might already exist. They can work with you to assess and plan out the perfect security strategy.

Commercial security officers are also able to help you implement and operate other security strategies you may already have in place. This includes the deployment and operation of technology such as mobile surveillance units,  access control technology, electronic detection, CCTV systems, and monitoring services. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your security program is being managed by a true security professional, and not by yourself or another employee at your business.

If you employ one or more security guards at your property, a security officer will play a key role in managing those guards. Commercial security officers can develop security guard protocols, optimize patrol and stationing strategies, and ensure that all of your security personnel are working as effectively and efficiently as possible. With a commercial security officer, your security guards will be working together to keep your business safe.

Coordinating Security Across Multiple Properties

Most importantly, commercial security guards are able to coordinate security at multiple business and properties for you. If you own multiple properties or businesses, it can be difficult to ensure that security is implemented effectively and appropriately across those locations. You’re a busy business owner who might not have the time to constantly check up on what’s happening at each of your commercial sites. Leave that to a professional commercial security officer, and you’ll be free to operate as usual.

A security officer is able to assess security at not just one location, but at all of your business sites. This can include working with you to assess threats and plan security programs, and to implement security strategies at all sites. Whether this means coordinating security guards across commercial businesses or working to make sure that technological security measures are fully integrated across the board, a security officer is key in coordinating security.

Security Officers: Mobile and Responsive

Another key factor in the ability of a commercial security officer to coordinate security across locations is that they are able to be more mobile and responsive than a traditional security guard. A security guard will have a specific role at a specific commercial site and will need to be present during required times to fulfill that role effectively.

Commercial security officers, however, are able to remain mobile and responsive to all of your security needs across all of your businesses or properties They can travel from site to site, meet with you and other stakeholders, and communicate security concerns relevant to any or all of the business areas in question. While other security measures such as CCTV systems or traditional security guards are less able to stay mobile, commercial security officers are able to keep on the move to keep an eye on all of your interests.

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