Security Guards For Special Events In Los Angeles

Are you in charge of a special event in Los Angeles? If so, you’re not alone. Los Angeles is host to over 47 million visitors each year Read more …

Security Guards Are the Key to Safety at Special Events in Los Angeles

Are you in charge of a special event in Los Angeles? If so, you’re not alone. Los Angeles is host to over 47 million visitors each year, and many of them travel to LA for special events. Maybe it’s just one upcoming special event that you want to turn into the experience of a lifetime. Or perhaps you’re in charge of an annual event that you want to improve on each and every year. Whether you’re the lead coordinator of this event, or whether you’re just in charge of security, you know that a properly implemented security program is critical to keeping your event running smoothly and keeping the participants at your special event safe.

Access control is the most common way to secure a special event, whether it’s indoors at a convention center or outdoors in a festival arena. Mobile surveillance units with active monitoring are also great strategies to consider for your special event, but the key to safety at special events in Los Angeles is on-the-ground security guards. These guards bring a level of training, expertise, and skill that are unmatched in the security world.

Businesses across Los Angeles are turning to security officers to improve their existing security programs and for good reason. Historical data on crime in LA shows that there can be close to 8,000 property crimes committed in just one month. Security officers are a cut above the rest: highly trained and skilled in helping to implement and coordinate security strategies that are fully implemented with your business and properties. Security guards and traditional security strategies are a good start, but security officers can help take your security program to the next level, right here in Los Angeles.

Security Guard Roles At Special Events

A security guard isn’t just someone who stands around looking for trouble at your special event. A well-trained security guard provided by a quality security guard company can help with numerous security strategies at a special event. This includes:

Access Control –  One of the most important security elements at a special event is managing who can come and go from the event location, no matter where in Los Angeles that may be. Whether the event is in an open field with perimeter fencing, or whether it’s in a convention hall with a limited number of entrances and exits, a security guard can help with access control. Access control can be as simple as posting a guard at entrances and exits to monitor crowd movement, or it can be as complex as a guard monitoring computerized credential confirmation technology that detects and logs every individual who passes a certain point.

Crowd Control – Whether it’s a concert or a big Los Angeles marketing convention, crowds can be difficult to control. When you get large groups of people together, their behavior can be unpredictable—especially when under stressful or emergency situations. Posting guards and including guards on patrol can help to manage crowd movement, prevent crowds from entering certain areas, and assist crowds under emergency circumstances. Just the visible presence of a security guard can help keep crowds under control and feeling at ease.

Guest Service – Although security guards are often thought of as being present for emergency situations and security threats only, security guards can also work to assist guests and event personnel in numerous ways. A security guard at a post or on patrol can work to help guests get where they need to be, assist other event staff in effectively completing their jobs, and act as a positive and reassuring presence to everyone involved.

VIP Protection – Los Angeles is the city of the stars, and if your event includes performers, politicians, or any other individuals who may be at risk when exposed to a large crowd, your special event security guard can help to protect and serve those individuals. Whether that means escorting VIPs through a venue, guarding a dressing room door, or standing by to respond to VIP security concerns, a security guard can fill the role. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your VIPs are protected.

Emergency Response – In the event of a real security threat, accident, or intrusion, an on-site special event security guard can help with the response. There may be an emergency in the venue like a fire or electrical problem. There may be an intruder intent on harming event personnel or guests. There may be a natural disaster that leads to dangerous conditions for the crowd. Any of these situations can be incredibly dangerous when dealing with large groups of people in special event settings. A security guard in place can adapt and respond to any emergency threat you can imagine.

Security Guards Skills To Help At Special Events

Finally, consider the fact that many security guards have experience and training in dealing with special events. This allows them to understand and anticipate threats before they happen, making them the most effective security strategy you can rely on. Electronic detection and surveillance is a great security strategy, but without boots on the ground, t can be difficult to properly respond to security issues.

A special event security guard is trained in crowd control, emergency response, first aid, and access control. These security guards have the training and skills necessary to protect event staff and visitors. You may think you can rely on in-house event personnel to take care of emergency situations, but quite often event staff are not trained in emergency response, security tactics, or other important skills. If you’re not sure what sort of security guard you want to work with, a great solution can be to work with a security guard company to be sure that you’ve got the right guard or guards on staff for your event.

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