4 Ways Hiring a Construction Security Guard Can Save You Money

Construction security is one of the most complicated and critical forms of security to implement. Construction sites are dynamic and ever-changing places where traditional forms of security and surveillance often fall short. During the day they are busy and dangerous places to be, with many potential safety issues at hand. And during the night they are often abandoned and vacant of activity, making them ripe targets for intruders and criminals, and tempting hangouts for loiterers who may enter the construction site and get hurt.

Whether you are the owner of a construction company, a business owner with an interest current under construction, or a security manager in charge of making sure a construction site is safe and secure, it can be difficult to understand the best way to completely secure a construction site in an affordable and comprehensive fashion.

You may already be implementing security strategies such as access control, electronic detection, and mobile surveillance units—but have you considered construction security guards as a possibility? Many business owners or managers consider construction security guards to be an expense outside of their budgets, but in reality, construction security guards represent one of the most cost-effective ways to secure an active and dynamic construction site.

Integrating Construction Security Guards With Technology to Cut Costs

Technology can be a timesaving and effective solution for security, but it can also be costly, depending on your circumstances. Relying completely on video monitoring, CCTV, electronic detection, and access control can become more costly as you scale up the size and complexity of the systems. These high-tech solutions are effective ways to secure a construction site, but such complicated work zones are often a challenge to completely cover with electronic systems.

A cost-effective solution can be to pair your high-tech security measures with part-time or full-time construction security guard who is trained in responding to construction site security threats. This may mean that your construction security guard is not on site all the time, but simply on call, ready to respond to remote alerts from the site. It may also mean that your security guard is part-time, visiting the site to patrol on a regularly established schedule. The guard can assess the current security situation, confirm that other strategies are in place and being used effectively, and provide you with reports on the current status of your security program.

Just having a construction security guard on site once a day can create a complete security package that allows you to cut back on costly technological solutions. If you want to move ahead with a full-time construction security guard, it may be possible to roll back other electronic security measures and rely solely on on-site security personnel.

Surveillance Technology

Fast Response Cuts Back on Construction Site Losses and Liabilities

A construction security guard is responsive and adaptive in ways that no other security strategies can achieve.

One of the most common construction security issues is theft, whether committed by internal persons (employees, visitors, etc.) or outside individuals (intruders, burglars, loiterers). Construction theft is one of the most expensive crimes in America, totaling up to a potential billion dollars in losses each year.

An on-site construction security guard can respond immediately to any threat or hazard at the construction site. There is no waiting for an alarm monitoring station to pick up and report the issue, and no waiting for a response from emergency personnel like the police or fire department. In the case of fire, destruction of property, and theft, a security guard can be there faster. An on-site guard will likely prevent many of these losses in the first place, and will be able to offer an immediate response to such an event. An off-site guard monitoring an electronic detection system (like a mobile surveillance unit) will also be able to respond faster than emergency responders. This means less time for damage or theft to occur, and less cost to you.

This instant presence (in the case of on-site security guards) or fast response (in the case of off-site guards) also means a more effective and rapid response to incidents which may result in an insurance claim against your business or your construction company. Having a professional guard on site will help mitigate insurance claims, and lower your liability payouts and insurance premiums.

An Adaptive Response is Cost Effective

When a construction security guard is present to assess on-site security issues and hazards on a case-by-case basis, he can respond with the exact tactics that fit the problem at hand. With the numerous threats and hazards potentially present at a construction site, a “one size fits all” solution like video detection or access control can’t always get the job done. A construction security guard is trained to handle all manner of construction security threats and will be able to adapt to the threat at hand to achieve the best and safest outcome for everyone involved on the site.

If it is necessary to bring emergency teams like fire service or police to the scene, an on-site security guard can communicate with their personnel in order to clearly communicate the threat at hand. Police and fire responders won’t have to assess the situation themselves because they’ll be working with a professional construction guard who can give them a full and comprehensive understanding of what’s going on.

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