Keep Your Vacant Los Angeles Properties Safe With Commercial Security Guards

Los Angeles is a city in a constant state of change, growth, and development. You probably already know this if you own a commercial property in the LA area, no matter where that building may be located. This constant growth and change are what businesses and business owners rely on to thrive in the modern marketplace, but it also means that properties are in constant flux, and can often be left vacant as old tenants and clients move out to let new ones take their place.

If you own or are managing a vacant commercial property in Los Angeles, you know that it can be difficult to secure your interests, especially when no one is around. Maybe your vacant commercial property is awaiting a new tenant, or maybe you’ve purchased a vacant property to move your own business into. In any case, security on unoccupied or vacant properties can be a challenge.

Read on to learn more about how commercial security guards can fill the gap.

Vacant Property in Los Angeles

Security Issues on Vacant Commercial Properties


Vacant and empty properties are frequent targets of vandals. The most commonly considered type of vandalism is graffiti, which is commonly seen throughout any big city like Los Angeles, but it can include other types of defacement as well, such as gluing locks, throwing eggs, defacement with other undesirable materials.


Even vacant commercial properties may contain items that thieves will target. This might include permanent infrastructure like outdoor boilers or AC units (thieves looking for copper and expensive electronic components), or even physical elements of the vacant buildings themselves. If an intruder is able to access the empty property, the results can be even worse. The larger the city, the more likely theft is to be a big problem, and this is especially true in a city as sprawling as Los Angeles.

Destruction of Property

Whether intruders are on your vacant Los Angeles property to steal, vandalize, or loiter, they won’t be giving any consideration to the condition of your property. Destruction of property may include smashing windows, r causing damage to outdoor elements of the property such as boilers, AC units, or structures. Depending on what sort of buildings may exist on your vacant commercial property, this may also include entering structures to cause damage inside.


Loitering may seem harmless at first, but having transients and loiterers hang around on your property invites other less-than-savory behavior, including drug dealing, prostitution, and gang activity. These problems can rear their heads in any city, and Los Angeles is no exception. The LAPD themselves suggest that the best way to deal with loitering is to stop it before it becomes a major crime, and this is something a security guard can take care of so that you don’t have to worry.

How Commercial Security Guards Can Address Security Concerns on Vacant Properties

Commercial security guards are often hired to help with security in occupied properties such as apartment complexes, office buildings, and other commercial venues. In those cases, guards are often in charge of access control, customer interactions, and emergency response. These strategies will change, however, if the property is vacant.

A commercial security guard can work with you to protect your vacant Los Angeles property in the most efficient way possible. It can be difficult to address security at vacant properties, especially when power service is not available. There are solutions such as mobile surveillance units, which are mobile and require no power service, but they can’t always fill every security need.

A commercial security guard can provide an on-site presence to protect your vacant Los Angeles properties. This could be during certain hours (night time, for example) or all day. This physical presence will deter most would-be intruders. It also allows the commercial security guard to patrol the vacant property on a regular basis in order to monitor for threats and security hazards. Commercial security guards can log reports of any suspicious behavior or potential security issues, so you’ll always know what’s going on in and around your vacant property.

Remote Monitoring With Commercial Security Guard Response

Another excellent strategy for working with commercial security guards on vacant properties is to integrate them into a larger surveillance and remote monitoring system. If you don’t need an around-the-clock presence from a commercial security guard, you can still make use of their expertise by utilizing them as a first-response to possible threats.

If your vacant property is or could be outfitted with a modern surveillance and video monitoring package, a commercial security guard can be your first responder on the scene. If an intruder enters your property—or if any other disturbance occurs—it can be detected by electronic surveillance equipment and reported to a monitoring station. From there, the monitoring station can automatically dispatch your commercial security guard to the scene. Once there, the commercial security guard can work to assess and respond to any security threat, as well as communicate with emergency response personnel if necessary.

Why Security Guards Are the Best Solution

There are many security solutions for taking care of and keeping an eye on your vacant commercial properties in the greater Los Angeles area. But can you get the job done with just a simple security system or a video surveillance package with remote monitoring?

This may be possible but remember: in the event of an intrusion you will be left counting on the response of police or other emergency personnel. While we trust our emergency first-responders to do a great job protecting our communities, the bottom line is that these services are often overworked and understaffed, which can result in a less-than-optimal response from their teams.

If you’ve got your own commercial security guard on staff, response times will be faster, and the response can be adapted to the threat at hand. Whether you choose to staff a full-time commercial security guard at your vacant property, or whether you want to have a commercial security guard on hand to respond to a remote alert, you will know that you’ve got boots on the ground to respond to a threat as soon as it is reported. Even better, you know that you won’t have to head out to check out any security issues by yourself. You’ll have a highly-trained commercial security guard on the scene to take care of any problems.

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