Security Guards Are Making Los Angeles Businesses Safer

There is no greater concern for a business owner or manager than security. You can grow your business, watch it thrive, take care of customers, and bring in all the revenue you need to continue your venture for years—but if it’s not secure, your business will not be sustainable or safe. Los Angeles business owners turn to many strategies to secure their interests, including access control, CCTV systems, and alarms with active monitoring. But more and more, Businesses in Los Angeles are turning to on-the-ground security guards to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Many business owners or managers in LA have the mistaken belief that security guards are outside their budget or scope, but on-the-ground guards represent a cost-effective way for any business to achieve the highest levels of security and safety.

Here are some ways that Los Angeles businesses are utilizing professional security guards to make their businesses safer than ever.

Security Guards in Los Angeles

Crime in Los Angeles

Every big city is susceptible to crime, and Los Angeles is no exception. Many types of crime are on the rise across America, and this includes LA, where general crime rates have risen as much as 12% in recent years. Geographically speaking, Los Angeles is the largest city in America, and with that comes large amounts of potential crime and security threats. Here are some of the common security threats seen in the great LA area:

Property Crime: acts of vandalism, theft, and destruction of property are all too common in the Los Angeles area. These crimes don’t necessarily endanger customers, employees, or visitors, but they are costly to businesses and can result in major financial losses.

Violent Crime: no one likes to consider the possibility of violent crime occurring on their property or at their place of business, but in Los Angeles—as with all cities—the possibility of violent crime must be factored into any security program. Violent crime can include acts perpetrated by disgruntled employees or their family members, random acts of violence, or even acts of terrorism.

Nuisance Crimes: these crimes may not seem damaging at first. Crimes like loitering and trespassing can begin as simple nuisance crimes and evolve into more serious issues that endanger both the perpetrator and the business at hand. Nuisance crimes can also include harassment of employees, visitors, or guests by outside parties.

Security Guard Training and Skills

Bringing security guards into your Los Angeles business is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to prevent your business from being victim to any of the crimes listed above.

Unarmed Security Guards bring incredible levels of training to business security in Los Angeles. When staffed on site, they are a visible deterrent to crime and security threats. They are adept in responding to security problems in the most effective way possible and making sure that your business (and your employees, customers, and visitors) stay safe. In addition to being a “boots on the ground” security presence, security guards are skilled in keeping security logs and reports, operating security technology like surveillance equipment, and communicating with all stakeholders to come to a better understanding of security within the business. If emergency response teams are required on the scene, they can communicate with those personnel as well. Crowd management, CPR, first aid, and common safety protocols are just some of the training that security guards bring to the table.

Armed Security Guards represent the pinnacle of security for your Los Angeles business. Because they are licensed to carry live firearms as part of their duties, they require and hold even higher levels of certification and training. They will be trained and licensed to operate in specific areas, including the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and bring a level of safety and assurance that few other security measures can.

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