Working With a Security Guard Company in Los Angeles

Have you been handling security at your Los Angeles business or commercial property by yourself? Maybe you’re in completely in charge of security, or perhaps you’re just one person overseeing a larger security program. You may be in charge of managing alarm systems, making sure that CCTV technology is operational, or even keeping in contact with a monitoring service. But without extensive experience in creating security programs and implementing security strategies, it can be difficult to achieve the level of safety that you really need for your business or property. The security industry is one of the largest in the world, growing to a height of $244 billion according to a 2016 report from the Freedonia group.

Working with a security guard company could be your first step toward creating a more comprehensive security program through the use of live, on-the-ground security personnel. Even better, a security guard company can provide you with the personnel you need to make sure that your security plan is implemented to perfection, and that all your security needs are properly coordinated and overseen at all times.

Security Guard in Los Angeles

Custom Security Programs With Complete Solutions

If you simply go out and hire an independently contracted security guard, that’s exactly what you’ll get: one guard to plug into your security program. But working with a security guard company can offer many more benefits than just assistance in hiring a guard for your payroll. Security guard companies in Los Angeles know the area and can help you assess your needs depending on the crime in your area and help craft a custom security solution for your business. A local security guard company will have the years of experience and depth of knowledge to assess any security needs and create solutions to those problems. Not only can they provide you with guards for your security program, but they can help you understand where your security weaknesses lie, and how you might address those problems as well.

Managing Security Guard Performance

Once your security guard or team of guards are in place, a security guard company can help to manage that personnel as well. The company can assist in coordinating your team of multiple guards, as explained above, but they can also help with the continued management of one or more guards.

This might mean checking in to be sure that performance is up to par, or that there are no conflicts occurring on security staff. If there are problems with the security staff, you won’t be left taking time out of your day to manage these issues. If you contract a security guard independently, you’ll be left to handle these problems. If you work with a security guard company based in Los Angeles, they’ll take care of these issues for you.

Security Guards: An Effective Solution

If you’re still on the fence about working with a security guard company, don’t forget the many ways that hiring security guards can help keep your business safe. Here are some benefits of hiring a security guard for your business:

Adaptive – security guards hired through security guard companies are ultimately adaptive. Their company will make sure that they’re being used in the most effective way possible and will pair you with the right guard for the right job.

Communication – security guards can communicate with all stakeholders involved in the security of your business. This includes communicating with you, the business owner, as well as the security guard company with which they work. It can also mean communicating with emergency first-responders to relay important information before it’s too late.

Response – you don’t want to have to wait for first response emergency teams to prioritize your security emergency. If a security threat is active at your place of business, you want someone there right away. An on-site security guard can be the first response you need.

Physical presence, armed or unarmed – the ultimate reason that most businesses work with security guard companies to complete their security programs is the physical presence afforded by these highly-trained security guards. There is no better deterrent to criminal activity than an armed or unarmed guard on site, so it’s often possible to prevent most security threats from becoming more serious simply by having a guard on staff.

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