5 Ways a Security Guard can Prevent Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence in Your Business: The Security Guard Solution

Workplace violence is one of the most common crimes occurring in businesses and commercial properties across America. Though we often think of crimes like petty theft or vandalism being major problems in the workplace, the reality is that violent crimes are on the increase across the board, including in everyday American businesses.

Workplace violence is an issue in focus for nearly every security program, and the need is clear based on recent statistics and trends. In local Texas areas, these statistics are strikingly clear, with murder rates and violent crimes rising again in the past year. With violent crime on the rise, we are seeing more crossover to the workplace than ever before.

Because of the complexity surrounding this security threat, it can be difficult to understand how to limit or eliminate this threat altogether. Business owners have enough on their plates, and there’s never enough time to get every job done, so it can be difficult to step back and see the whole picture in order to prevent workplace violence from occurring.

One way to slow this problem down is by working with guards as a part of your overall security program. Security guards are a tried-and-true element of many security programs, but some businesses don’t think they need the service of such highly-trained personnel. The truth is that no matter the size or function of your business, a trained security guard can help you prevent workplace violence. Read on to learn more.

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5 Ways a Commercial Security Guard Can Address Workplace Violence


A direct focus on workplace violence

The primary role a security guard can take in preventing workplace violence in your business is to make a conscious effort to target these issues before, during, and after they occur. This could mean taking care to assess potential threats (both internal and external), getting a clear picture of these incidences when they do occur, and making sure to follow up on incidences after they happen. This provides the chance to reflect on causes and effects of workplace violence. At your direction, a security guard can spearhead all of these efforts and more.


Working to coordinate strategies

In order to have the most effective security program possible, it’s important to make sure that the elements of your security program are working together. A quality security guard will be trained in working with you to help integrate the disparate parts of your security system. To decrease workplace violence, this might include a detailed reporting system for such incidences, working with security guard teams to evaluate and understand those incidences, and then using technology like virtual guard systems to decrease frequency.


Increased awareness of workplace violence

A major step in decreasing workplace violence is to increase awareness, and your security guard (or guards) can help make that step. Guards are on the “front lines” of your business security plan, so they are able to interact with your stakeholders on an everyday basis. If you work to make sure these interactions are meaningful, they can even become opportunities to raise awareness. The connections and communication that your guard has with stakeholders on the ground can be crucial tools in preventing workplace violence.


Addressing related issues

Addressing issues related to workplace violence can be a key strategy in reducing the violence itself. Security guards are again a key player in this strategy. Because they often have ample direct contact with visitors,   employees, and customers, they will be able to identify and address issues related to workplace violence in order to decrease the likelihood that they lead to more serious incidences. For example, if a guard is able to identify deficiencies in a parking garage’s security measures, it makes it possible for those deficiencies to be addressed in an expedient manner. This may prevent more incidences from occurring in that location in the future.


Coordinating with other security professionals to provide fresh perspectives

Because of their place in the larger security community, a security guard is also a useful connection point between your business and other security practices. A guard will be able to collaborate and coordinate security efforts with other security professionals. Comparing notes and tactics is a great way to round out any security plan.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Security Guards

  • Work with a professional security company to make sure you’ve got the most effective security guards in your program
  • A trusted and local company can help you find guards that are a fit for you
  • Consider your options, and don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Talk to other businesses about what guards they employ, and who they work with

Creating the right security environment in the workplace greatly improves employee safety and sense of security. If you’d like to learn more about how CPS Security can create a security program for your business, give us a call or request a quote.

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