CPS Security Services in Henderson, NV

CPS Security in Henderson

If you need security solutions in the Henderson area, CPS Security is proud to offer the best and most reliable security service. We’re a local company with a history of taking care of our local customers, and we promise the same level of service to you.

Crime Statistics in Henderson

Crime in Henderson is like crime anywhere else: difficult to predict and sometimes hard to prevent. Even in a city as beautiful as Henderson, it can be hard to address all criminal concerns.

As with many towns in the region, crime in Henderson is higher than the national average. However, with 21 crimes per 1,000 residents, it is certainly not among the highest in the nation. One major issue in Henderson is property crime, which occurs at a rate of 1 in 52 residents. This means crimes like vehicle theft, arson, larceny, and burglary are at the front of the pack. When this type of crime affects businesses and commercial properties, CPS can step in to help.

Meeting Hendersons Security Needs

We serve Henderson and all surrounding areas, no matter what the need. From the heart of Henderson out to Boulder City and beyond, we work with local clients to get the job done. Whether you’re out in Sloan or down in Nelson, we can help you with security issues.

Common security concerns in Henderson revolve around its history as a manufacturing center. Although the city has diversified in recent years, it is still a major producer of metals and industrial chemicals. This means one of major client concerns is securing storage facilities and manufacturing plants. Expensive trade goods like metals and dangerous products like industrial chemicals must be kept safe at all times, and CPS Security has the manufacturing and warehouse security strategies necessary to secure your manufacturing and storage interests. Whether that involves warehouse security guards on patrol, CCTV systems, or alarm monitoring, we can help.

CPS Security’s Mission To Serve You

The CPS Security mission is to partner with our clients to meet their specific security needs. At the heart of this mission is a belief that our excellent service stems from keeping our clients in focus at all times. We are a client-centered security provider that will work with you to create customized security solutions for every security issue you might face. CPS Security tailors our products and services to the unique needs of those who look to us for their solutions. We are proud to be leaders in the industry with both our permanent and temporary security options for construction and commercial properties.

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