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In a town like Las Vegas, security is paramount, and CPS Security is here for you. We offer local security solutions for all of our customers in Las Vegas and beyond. We’ll work with your business to customize security solutions that fit your needs.

Meeting the Security Needs of Las Vegas

Las Vegas crime plagues all sectors, but two industries that are hardest hit include the tourism industry and the mining sector.

Tourism represents Las Vegas’ most active and expansive industry, and that’s not changing anytime soon. CPS Security deals with many local Las Vegas clients who are seeking to make their businesses safer while also protecting their clientele. CPS Security staffs casinos with commercial security guards and helps set up and maintain CCTV systems in similar settings. CPS Security can provide security for special events and VIPs as well, including venue security and VIP escort.

Although most people don’t associate Las Vegas with less-glamorous industries, it is true that mining remains the second-largest industry in the area. Mining brings a variety of security needs, including security at mine sites, processing plants, and distribution centers. It also includes security needs at corporate offices and headquarters. This means CPS Security must use all of its experience and know-how to fill the niche needs of every part of the industry, including implementing both construction and corporate security guards.

Security Guards and Services in Las Veg

Security and Crime in Las Vegas

There is no wilder city than Las Vegas. It’s one of the top locations for visitors and tourists looking to have a good time, and that in turn makes it a top location for crimes of opportunity. Not surprisingly, Las Vegas can claim a higher crime rate than the national average in cities across America of all sizes. When we consider the major issues with crime in Las Vegas, property theft is at the forefront. With the constant influx of tourists, travelers, and visitors, theft-crimes of opportunities are frequent occurrences in Las Vegas.

Security Services in the Las Vegas Area

Most people are only familiar with the most popular tourist destinations in Las Vegas, such as the famous Las Vegas Strip. CPS Security works with many clients in these high-traffic tourist destinations like Las Vegas Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, but the protection doesn’t stop there. CPS Security works with clients as far out as Mount Charleston and Sandy Valley, making sure businesses and mining operations on the outskirts of the city are safe.

Security and Crime in Las Vegas

CPS Mission: A Proven History

Here at CPS Security, we have a proven history of partnering with our clients to solve all of their security needs. We believe that our ability to excel at serving our clients is based on our understanding that people are at the heart of it all, and we work hard to maintain quality relationships with all of our local clients. CPS Security tailors products and services to the needs of those who look to us for solutions, and we are proud to be leaders in the industry.

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