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If you need to talk security in the Sacramento area, CPS Security is here for you. From our offices in Lodi, we are excited to be partnering with local Sacramento businesses to provide the best in security solutions. If you’re interested in beginning a collaboration with CPS, read on.

Crime in Sacramento

CPS Security works in many cities and towns across the region, and we know that crime can be a unique challenge for each unique location. Sacramento has its own specific issues with crime.

Sacramento crime rates at 42 incidences per 1,000 citizens, making it a high-crime city compared to cities and towns of all sizes nationwide. The odds of becoming a victim of violent or property crime is a considerable 1 in 24. 90% of California communities boast a lower crime rate than Sacramento.


You can trust that we’ll focus the capability of the people in our organization, both intellectual and ethical, on our clients and their needs.


We believe in rewarding and recognizing employees who rise to the top and stand out through their dedication and service. We believe that those who achieve excellence in service deserve to be rewarded for that success. We also believe that maintaining solid relationships between employer and employee is a foundation for superior client service.


CPS Security believes that employees should be able to expand their knowledge and work skills, so we offer a variety of opportunities to help them experience that growth. Through the growth of individuals and teams alike, the entire organization will advance as a unit, growing in their ability to provide great client service.

Customized Security Solutions

Sacramento boasts a thriving and diverse economic landscape, which means that CPS Security is working with a variety of local clients to fill a multitude of security needs.

One major industry we work within the Sacramento area is the agricultural trade, including research and development. While most people envision farms and farmland when they think agriculture, they should also picture CPS Security helping to create security solutions for research and development labs that help create new and innovative processes for farms and farmers. Since these labs can contain sensitive, dangerous, or proprietary information, CPS works hard to provide the security guard personnel and technology to keep them safe.

Security Services In The Sacramento  Area

We are proud to serve all of Sacramento, from the city center to Garden Highway and Calvin Road. Our clients reach out to us from all over the city, and from outside the city as well. Did you know that CPS Security can serve you in outlying areas such as Rancho Cordova, Woodland, and Davis? It doesn’t matter where your business is located. CPS Security can help.

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