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Based out of our corporate headquarters in Long Beach, CPS Security is proud to offer our local area the best in security solutions. We have a long history of bringing innovative and affordable security solutions to our customers, and that process starts right here in the Long Beach area.

Security and crime in Long Beach

Security and crime in Long Beach

Long Beach is a famous town with many appealing elements to attract permanent residents and visitors, but it can attract crime as well. Long Beach crime rates are significantly higher than the national average when compared to communities of all sizes. Compared to other California towns, Long Beach has a crime rate higher than 85% of the state’s cities and towns. One disturbing trend in Long Beach is a rise in violent crime. Long Beach ranks in as one of the most dangerous communities in the nation, regardless of size, when tracking crimes like rape, murder, armed robbery, and other violent offenses. This goes hand-in-hand with property crime, which is ranked at 31 crimes per 1,000 individuals.

Service to Long Beach and surrounding areas

CPS Security serves all of Long Beach and its surrounding areas. Our corporate headquarters are based directly out of Long Beach, helping us to better serve and understand the area. We help secure facilities in relatively safe areas like the Pico Avenue neighborhood and work to collaborate with business owners in more crime-prone areas like Signal Hill at the heart of Long Beach. Whether your business is in the city itself, or in an outlying area like Carson, Lakewood, or Westminster, CPS Security can work with you.

Security Guard Services in Long Beach

Meeting Security Needs Head-On

The three pinnacles of industry in Long Beach are healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Each of these industries requires a different breed of security solutions, and CPS Security works with many Long Beach clients to be sure that all of those needs are met. In the healthcare and retail front, we are commonly called on to provide highly-visible security for facilities and storefronts. This might mean helping a local hospital develop a CCTV coverage program, or assisting a shopping mall in staffing its commercial security guard ranks. Manufacturing calls for an entirely different type of security, in which facilities such as factories and distribution plants are kept safe and secure. Manufacturing facilities can be dangerous, to begin with, and the danger only increases when unwanted criminal elements become involved. CPS Security often works to provide warehouse and manufacturing security guards, access control, and CCTV setups for such manufacturing hubs.

CPS Security Guarantees

When you decide to work with CPS Security to secure your business in Long Beach, you’ll be partnering with a security firm that can work to solve your every security need. At CPS Security, our mission is to:


Partner with our clients to solve their individual security needs. We customize all solutions for all of our clients in a collaborative approach.


Maintain a client-centered focus, where people are at the heart of every decision. We specialize in security, and security is all about taking care of people.


Tailor our products and services to every unique need. Our collaborative approach results in custom-tailored solutions to fit any security need.


Offer permanent and temporary security solutions for all construction and commercial properties. We have the years of experience necessary to solve any security problem.


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