CPS Security Services in Phoenix, AZ

CPS Security is excited to provide local security solutions for Phoenix and the Phoenix area. We are a trusted company that has a history of working with local customers to solve any and all security problems. We’ve got the experience needed to take care of any security job.

Security Guard Services in Phoenix AZ

Security and Crime Problems in Phoenix

Major cities across America face unique and ever-changing issues with crime, and Phoenix is no different. Phoenix has a long history with an evolving crime scene, including land crimes in the 1980s, a peak of violent crime in the 1990s, and a #1 ranking for vehicle theft in the early 2000s. Ranked on a scale of 1 to 100, Phoenix falls at an even 50, with the United States Average at 31.

The most disturbing new trend in Phoenix is related to the area’s unfortunate role as a key geographical location in the US for drug trafficking. This leads to high incidences of violent crimes, property crimes, kidnappings, and human trafficking.

CPS Security: A Proven History of Quality

CPS Security is a local business serving local customers, and we have the history to back it up. We’ve worked with both new and old clients in collaborative partnerships to solve security problems, and the results are clear. Our proven track record of working with business owners and construction site managers demonstrates that we are the #1 source for security solutions in the Phoenix area.

Customized Security Solutions

With industries as varied as aerospace, defense, manufacturing, and technology, our Phoenix clients come to us with a variety of security needs.

Although we work with many clients from these industries, one key security need that is frequent in Phoenix is security for vacant properties. Certain laws and regulations in Phoenix make land development easy and cheap, which has led to a tendency to overbuild during certain economic periods. This results in a glut of vacant properties, buildings, construction sites, and similar areas. CPS Security partners with the owners and managers of these properties in order to provide customized security solutions. Security on vacant properties can be difficult, but CPS is able to meet all security needs through a combination of security personnel and technology.

Service to Phoenix and All Surrounding Areas

Boasting a population of over 1.6 million people living in nearly 400 neighborhoods,  Phoenix is the largest metropolitan area in all Arizona. Despite this size, CPS Security works with clients from across the region. From Black Canyon City to Maricopa, CPS can provide security solutions for any part of Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We serve clients at the heart of the city at Central Avenue, all the way to the outlying neighborhoods of Wonder Rift and New River.

Contact Us Today

If you’re not sure where to start in addressing your security concerns, contact us at CPS Security right away. We have the years of experience to make sure your security problems get solved the right way, the first time. Pick up the phone to speak directly with a customer service representative, or click here if you prefer contacting us online. We’re standing by to help you, so call today!

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