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CPS Security is here to offer a local solution for security problems in Tucson and beyond. We’re excited to bring our dynamic and customized security solutions to customers, businesses, and business owners in Tucson.

Creative Solutions For Security Applications

Major industries that CPS Security works to secure in the Tucson area include aerospace/defense and renewable energy. Both of these areas are fast-paced, cutting-edge industries that demand the highest levels of security solutions.

Our aerospace and defense clients frequently require us to help secure and protect sensitive and complex facilities that might include a combination of professional offices, research labs, and manufacturing plants. This often requires a multitude of security guards on site, access control strategies, and monitoring of alarm systems.

Renewable energy clients seek a different sort of security which often involves securing sprawling solar farms or expansive wind farms. While these areas can be difficult to secure, CPS has the tools and experience to get it done.

Security & Crime in Tucson

A city like Tucson is no stranger to crime. Though it can be a wonderful place to live, work, and play, Tucson does have its underlying criminal issues. Clocking in at a crime rate of 68 crimes for every 1,000 citizens, Tucson ranks as having one of the highest crime rates in America, whether comparing to small or large communities. The odds of becoming a victim of violent or property crime is a staggering 1 in 15. Out of all Arizona communities, more than 97% boast a lower crime rate than Tucson.

Security and Crime in Tucson

Security Services in the Tucson Area

Crime in the area is most concentrated in the city center, and CPS Security works hard to help secure businesses within that district. But we also work across the community, from the quiet area of Three Oaks to Willow Canyon in the northeast. Additionally, we are proud to serve outlying areas as well. CPS Security can solve your security issues anywhere in the Tucson area, including Sells, Benson, Vail, and Benson.

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