Security Technology

Security Technology

When CPS Security and ECAMSECURE merged together to form the most advanced security company in the business, we were able to take security technology to the next level. Combining 20+ years of physical security experience with decades of electronic surveillance service means that we can offer the most effective, efficient, and affordable security technology.

Complementary Services Save Your Budget

When customers are looking for cost-effective solutions, they often overlook the power of combining complementary services. By combining physical security with the following high-tech solutions, it can actually be possible to reduce your security costs overall.

Mobile Surveillance Units and IP Cameras

The most effective way to protect your business or property is to pair your on-the-ground security guards with state-of-the-art technology. ECAMSECURE and CPS Security offer the perfect combination of service and technology to protect your most valuable business assets:

Mobile Surveillance UnitsThese high-tech mobile stations allow for the rapid and customized deployment of a wide range of surveillance technology. This includes lighting, alarms, cameras, voice-down technology, remote access, and more.

IP Cameras – Go beyond the days of simple security camera operations. Now you can have fully-integrated IP cameras that can connect to provide comprehensive coverage of your investments. The HD, full-color cameras can be equipped with protective accessories or paired with other technology like infrared detection.

Security technology
Cutting edge security technology

Next-Level Technology

We are always pushing the limits of security technology. You may already be familiar with MSUs or IP cameras, but there is a world of surveillance and security technology that only we can provide. From drone surveillance to radar technology, from virtual guards to 24-hour monitoring, we can provide next-level technology for your security program. Whether you need sophisticated access control or a network of jobsite cameras, we can help.

Easy to Use Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring systems are designed with usability in mind:

  • All daily operations are executed through a single user interface
  • Control cameras, view footage live, play video or create evidence material instantly
  • Number of cameras, servers, and users we can support is unlimited

Moving your system to a new location, adding more hardware to it, or making changes to the installation is simple and convenient for you. We’ll ensure that your system is running at 100% and that your personnel can use it with confidence. This flexibility means that your security needs will be met with the perfect solution, executed at the highest levels.

Cost Effective Management

To optimize security operations, we’ve streamlined the system management process by:

  • Eliminating manual and error-prone tasks and replacing them with wizards and intuitive user interfaces
  • Configuring and managing devices in groups to further save time and ensure system consistency

Ensuring that our systems are both efficient and cost effective is a priority. We’ve got decades of experience designing, installing, and operating high-tech security and surveillance solutions. When you work with us, you’ll know that you’ve got the best solutions available.

Proven, Reliable and High Performance

Our security monitoring systems support 30+ FPS (frame rates per second) and the latest megapixel technology for HD output. The distributed server architecture keeps video traffic between cameras, servers, and users to a minimum. This translates into versatile and dependable surveillance at your disposal. When we say that we know security monitoring, we mean it.

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When you’re ready to implement some of these integrated high-tech solutions into your security program—or if you’re ready to build a security program from the ground up, contact us right away. We can provide you with physical security integrated with the latest in high-tech security surveillance to provide unrivaled coverage at an affordable price.
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