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Now you can safeguard your commercial or residential construction site twenty-four hours a day, every day, with a customized security package designed to your exact specifications. CPS is the security industry’s leader in surveillance and security of construction sites. Innovative, specialized technology and equipment enables CPS officers to efficiently oversee large areas from a single command post.

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On-Site Security Trailers

CPS offers on-site trailer packages with a live-in officer who patrols the grounds when your employees leave for the day. These officers observe and report any site disturbances by documenting them on daily reports. CPS has taken an unprecedented stance in its trailer package by providing a superior level of accountability on jobsites by equipping all trailers with innovative, highly sensitive alarm panels. These specially engineered panels are linked wirelessly to strategically-placed smart sensors around “hot zones” and other client-specified locations on the site.

Security Monitoring Station
Security Trailers

24-Hour Surveillance Monitoring

This wireless equipment is connected directly to our 24-hour Command Center; where CPS monitors for any activity. When an alarm is triggered, the trailer officer is alerted by the Command Center and is dispatched to investigate the disturbance. By adding this extra level of security, the communication gap between the trailer officer, the client, and CPS is closed.
The combination of the physical deterrence of a security officer along with technological vigilance enables CPS to provide an integrated solution unavailable elsewhere.

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