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Partnering with ECAMSECURE to Provide a Custom Security Solution

Our custom security solutions combine cutting-edge technology with boots-on-the-ground guard services to provide the best protection for your business assets. CPS Security can design and implement a security plan that combines ECAMSECURE technology with onsite security guards to protect every inch of your property.

The training and experience our professional security guards receive make them invaluable to organizational security strategies. Surveillance cameras provide them — and you — with constant eyes in the skies, while guards on the ground make critical decisions and take immediate action in the event of an incident.

Being in charge of a retail location, industrial complex, or construction site is a big responsibility. Not only are you responsible for the equipment on site, but people on the premises expect you to keep them safe. Whether you choose armed or unarmed guards, our team will provide the best personnel to secure your property.

Partnering with us begins with a thorough assessment of your security needs.

Security Systems Planning and Design.

Security Plan Assessment and Design

We start each custom security plan design with a thorough evaluation of a client’s property and expectations. We inspect the property, identify risks, and make specific recommendations to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Our security experts will recommend the cameras, equipment, and the personnel you need to keep your people and property safe.

Unarmed guards provide you with a constant on-site physical guard presence. CPS guards go through rigorous training in critical skills, including de-escalation techniques, emergency response and crime detail reporting. We know a lot of people depend on you and the guards securing your site. That’s why we are serious about providing dependable guards for our clients.

Commercial Security Technology Installation

Guards can’t be everywhere all the time, and that’s where security technology can fill gaps. For constant monitoring of sensitive or high-risk areas, surveillance cameras and intrusion detection equipment are the recommended solution. We can enhance your guard staff with security technology like cameras and sensors to detect any unauthorized access. If we detect an intrusion, our highly-trained monitoring personnel take the appropriate actions. It’s never been this easy to keep a constant watch over your entire property.

Security Systems Installation

Monitoring and Support

People make mistakes, and security guards are no exception. GPS tracking technology allows us to monitor your guards at any time. We can verify whether they have made their required rounds and checks at the appointed frequency. GPS devices allow us to deconstruct incidents to evaluate guard responses. We can then use that data to train all our guards to do better in similar situations.

Our monitoring team watch your property for you remotely. We can generate reports for you and trigger instant emergency responses in the event of an incident.

We provide support and maintenance in addition to this, taking on all security operations so that you can focus entirely on business operations.

Partnering with CPS Security

You don’t have time to worry about securing your property, or keeping track of what your guards are doing. Let us take care of securing your assets so you can invest your time in your business.
We only bring on the best and brightest applicants, who complete rigorous training and evaluation before being placed on a job site. When you’re ready to take the next step in upgrading your security, give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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